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7 Signs You Have a Dragon Infestation

Haha! As Bill Engval would say, “Here’s your sign.” Just be sure to stay out of the dragon’s affairs.

Legends of Windemere

Toothless Toothless

We’ve all been there.  Minding our own business when we stumble onto a sign that there are dragons nearby.  If we’re lucky, the beast is already gone or simply passing through the area.  Yet there are times where they stick around.  So here’s what to look for to see if you need an exterminator.

  1. You haven’t seen the cat in days.  Sure, Princess Tangerine wanders off from time to time.  This feels different.  Maybe it’s because she hasn’t reacted to you running the can opener over a loudspeaker.  Could even be the that her food bowl is missing . . . along with the floor it was on.
  2. There’s a lot of smoke in and around the house.  You’ve called the fire department, but that hasn’t stopped the problem.  Then again, the truck has been outside for the last few days, so maybe it’s a really big fight where you…

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5 Stages: The Writer’s Sanity Check #MondayBlogs #writers

I’ve a feeling I’ll be having to do one of these checks soon, having finally gotten to work on my WIP after a long time of being sidetracked by other things (Fiverr job orders, life, etc.). 700 words done this afternoon and hoping to keep it up for a while.