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Are ‘Old Sayings’ Too Cliché For Todays’ Writers?

Lately I was sitting in the car, signing along with a great Country song, and here it is, that old expression: ‘You can’t fit a camel through the eye of a needle’. I heard that expression before, and finally decided to go and research where it comes from… and here it was, in the bible: […]

Are ‘Old Sayings’ Too Cliché For Todays’ Writers?


10 Phrases that Originated in the Middle Ages

Some of our most popular phrases have a long history, including some that go back to the Middle Ages. Here are 10 medieval phrases from the Dictionary of Idioms and their Origins, as reported by Medievalists. 1. “You are the apple of my eye” In early medieval England, the pupil of the eye was known as […]

10 Phrases that Originated in the Middle Ages

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A Dark Piece Of History – Flipped Over To The Modern World

Let me start by saying that this is a topic I use in my current need to write blog posts that give us a bit of information about how things really were in the ‘good old days’… I wrote about Historical Romance and Hygiene, I wrote an article describing Health and Ladies Fashion, and their […]

A Dark Piece Of History – Flipped Over To The Modern World


Utter Chaos – Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS

Sheila slogged up the steps to her front door. She was tired, both mentally and physically. The party had been draining on her. She really hadn’t wanted to go in the first place, and there were so many people at the noisy club, it was practically chaos. Why had Julie invited her, anyway? She knew she wasn’t a party person, and definitely not a club person. And Jim, of all people, had been there, too. Why had Julie invited him, too? Julie should have known what would happen if she ran into her ex. And it almost did. Julie was lucky Shelia had managed to get away without causing too much of a scene. What a mess.

Now all Sheila wanted was to get inside, change into something more comfortable than her party dress, and crawl into bed and stay there for a week.

Sheila unlocked her door and stepped inside. She stopped after only a couple of steps and groaned. Her widened eyes surveyed what she could only call a scene of utter chaos in her living room.

Figurines off her bookshelf lay scattered on the floor, along with a handful of books. A few of the figurines had shattered. The vase and magazines had been knocked off the coffee table. Pillows from the sofa were also on the floor, as well as the table lamps from the side tables. The small footstool in front of the sofa has been tipped over. It almost looked like a crime scene. Except for one thing.

The toilet paper.

The toilet paper that trailed down the hall towards the living room.

Sheila stared at it all for a moment, taking it all in. Then she shook off her shock and moved down the hallway, following the trail of toilet paper to the bathroom, where another chaotic scene greeted her. All the toilet paper had been rolled off the roll into a pile on the floor around the toilet and trailed out the door.

Sheila sighed and growled out one word. “Mitzi!”

Sheila went to the small, spare room next door to the bathroom. She had set up the room as Mitzi’s room, complete with a cat bed, a food and water bowl, and a small cat tree beneath a window. Here she found among all the scattered cat toys on the floor a tipped-over litter box, its litter spilled out onto the floor. The culprit, a little calico cat, lay beside it like the victim in a crime scene – except for the slightly twitching tail.

Sheila stared in wonder. How could something so small cause so much chaos? she thought After a moment, she sighed and shook her head. “Oh, Mitzi,” she muttered. “What am I going to do with you?”

Sheila left the room and headed for the kitchen to get a broom. It looked like she wouldn’t be crawling into bed just yet.

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This post is part of the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, “scene”:


Kitty Antics – Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS

Arriving home from a long day at work, Sara entered the living room with heavy footsteps and plopped down on the couch. “What a day,” she muttered as she fought back the tears of frustration. “I don’t think it could have gotten any worse.”

Just as her mind began to replay the day’s events, her two cats appeared. The gray tabby, Tiger, and the black cat, Soot, paused inside the doorway and gazed at Sara for a moment. When Sara turned to look at them, the two cats ran into the room and began chasing each other around.

Sara watch as Soot chased Tiger around a few times, going back and forth in front of the TV and around the coffee table. Then Tiger chased Soot around the table a few times, with Soot at one point jumping up on the couch and running across the back before jumping back down to the floor and continuing the chase. The chase came to an end when Tiger found a catnip mouse in a corner and began playing with it, kicking it in the air and batting it across the floor while Soot watched, only to have Soot eventually steal it and run off with it before batting it back towards Tiger.

As Sara watched the two cats, she slowly felt her frustration slipping away and a smile forming on her lips. When Soot suddenly began to chase his tail, she began to laugh.

At the sound of her laugh, the two cats paused in their play to look at her, then they ran over and jumped up into her lap. Sara stroked their soft fur and they began to purr. “Thank you, boys,” she said. “Your silly kitty antics were just what I needed. The two of you are definitely the best antidepressants.”

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This post is part of the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, “antic”:

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A Good Book – One-liner Wednesday #1linerWeds

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“A good book is always good, no matter how many times you’ve already read it.” – Osamu Dazai (image is of Osamu Dazai in the Bungo Stray Dogs anime)

This post is part of the One-liner Wednesday prompt:

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Celebrate #ReadAnEbookWeek with Adventures In Sorcery

It’s time for Read An eBook Week! This holiday is held during the first full week of March and is meant to encourage the use of eBook platforms for publishing. It’s a great way to support indie authors, as well.

If you’re looking for some fun, lighthearted Fantasy to enjoy and/or share, why not try my Adventures in Sorcery series? Both books are available as ebooks (and who knows, there may eventually be more books in the series).

Kismet and Tell (Book One of Adventures in Sorcery)

When the nephew of a prominent nobleman goes missing, mercenary sorceress Marissa “Riss” Cobalt is hired to find him. The seemingly normal job quickly turns complicated for the solitary young sorceress, however, as she first ends up unexpectedly teaming up with a handsome swordsman, then finds herself the subject of an ancient prophecy. With a Demon hunting them, the young mage and her friend search for a lost relic of great power mentioned in the prophecy. Can Riss survive her various adventures and fulfill her destiny to save the world from the dark god, Yangul?  Or will the infamous young sorceress fall to evil?

Available as an ebook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more. Find links to it on my website.

Chronicles of Riss (Book Two of Adventures in Sorcery) (A prequel to Kismet and Tell)

Confronting evil sorcerers. Fighting monsters. Dueling metal golems. Searching for a sea monster. Hunting lost treasure. Finding a missing show dog. Competing in talent contests. Helping lost children. These are just some of the widely varied exploits that the young mercenary sorceress Marissa “Riss” Cobalt shares in this second Adventures in Sorcery book. Riss reveals how she ended up as a mercenary and chronicles some of the many adventures, ranging from fun to serious, that she’s had prior to the events of Kismet and Tell.

It has multiple 4 & 5-star reviews on Goodreads.

Available as an ebook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more. Find links to it on my website.