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This Is Halloween

When the veil thins,

Spooks and spectres

Cross the border

To haunt the night.

Witches and wizards

Take to the skies

And cast their spells.

Ghouls and goblins

Walks the streets

In search of prey.

Beware, should you

Go out this night.

Watch your step

And say your prayers,

For danger lurks

In the dark;

Because this,

This is Halloween.


Union – Tuesday Use It In A Sentence #tuesdayuseitinasentence

She paced her room, fuming at the news that her father was thinking of marrying her off. True, the union would help her kingdom, but she’d rather die than marry that pompous prince from the neighboring kingdom! She shuddered at the thought. There had to be another way to save the kingdom…

She paused as she remembered an old story, a myth about a lost treasure. Would that save her kingdom and stop the union?  Thinking it might, she decided to go find it. She knew the journey would likely be dangerous, but it was better than getting married.

She grabbed a cloak and slipped out her bedroom window into the night.

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Trust – Tuesday Use It In A Sentence #tuesdayuseitinasentence

He studied her with a skeptical eye. He’d found it hard to trust people thanks to his rough childhood. But there was something about her that seemed different, that said he would be able to trust her. After a moment of consideration, he decided to trust that feeling and put his trust in her.

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Season of Change

Seasons come,

And seasons go.

Summer has gone

As Autumn arrives.

Days grow shorter

While the air turns cooler.

Leaves turn color

With spectacular beauty,

Showing us that change

Is nothing to fear

But is instead

Something good.

As you face change

In your life

Remember the beauty

Of the Autumn leaves

And see the good

That lies in store.


Save – Tuesday Use It In A Sentence #tuesdayuseitinasentence

“I’ll hold them off!” he told her as he grasped his sword and faced the group of brigands advancing on them. “Go! Save yourself!”

She shook her head and replied, “No! You can’t take them all on by yourself. I won’t leave you!” She pulled the dagger from her belt and stood beside him, and he gave her a small smile.

The next thing they knew, the brigands suddenly dropped to the ground with arrows sticking out of their chests. A male voice called out from the surrounding trees, “You can put your weapons away. You’re safe now.”

Wondering who had saved them, they looked around for the source of the strange voice.

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Rent – Tuesday Use It In A Sentence #tuesdayuseitinasentence

Having missed his flight home for the holidays and learning that all other flights were booked, he decided he would just have to rent a car. But when he got to the car rental area of the airport, he found that the last car had just been rented out. As he pleaded desperately with the attendant for help, a pretty young lady who was just leaving overhead him and stepped up to offer to share her rental car with him.

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Quiet – Tuesday Use It In A Sentence #tuesdayuseitinasentence

The night was still and quiet, but her mind wasn’t. The clacking of the keys on the keyboard sounded loud in the quiet room as she sat at the computer and typed furiously, trying to get the multitude of ideas that danced in her head out so she could at last go to bed.

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The Moon- Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS


The path you walk

May seem confusing, 

Full of insecurities

And uncertainties.

You may feel

Lost on your journey,

As if wandering

In the dark of night,

Not sure of where

You should be going.

But worry not,

For the Moon will

Light your path,

Providing the clarity

And understanding

Your intuition needs

To guide your way

Through the darkness.

Use its gentle light

To walk your path,

And take your steps

Bravely towards

Your hopes and dreams.

This post is part the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, “the last photo you took”:

My last photo was of the Buck Moon on July 23, 2021 (the photo at the beginning of the post)



Pawn – Tuesday Use It In A Sentence #tuesdayuseitinasentence

Realizing that he had only been a pawn in her little game and had only been used to spy on her rivals, Zak decided he’d had enough. As he left her mansion, he pocketed a few small but valuable items to later sell at a pawn shop after he left town.

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