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Apparent – Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS




A little boy is out walking with his mother in the park. He stops walking and tugs on her sleeve to get her attention.

“Mama, what’s that?” he asks.

“What’s what, honey?”

He points ahead of him. “That.”

She looks and sees a baby duck a little ways ahead of them, looking lost. “That’s a baby duck, and it seems lost. I think it’s looking for its parents.”

“But that doesn’t look like a duck to me.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“That, Mama.”

She looks again, following the direction of his finger, which is pointing not towards the ground but more towards the sky…and the big round metal thing with flashing lights that was hovering over the trees.

Her mouth drops open. “I think that’s a UFO, honey,” she finally says.”Apparently, there really are such things as aliens, after all.”

*     *    *

“Mother, what’s that?” the little alien asks, pointing at the video of a woman and child on the view screen.

The alien mother looks at the view screen. “That’s a parent and child, dear. And apparently, there really are such things as humans, after all.”



This silly little story is part of Stream of Consciousness Saturday:

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