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Nail – Tuesday Use It In A Sentence #tuesdayuseitinasentence

Their relationship had been on the rocks lately but Jared had hoped to be able to fix things between them. But when he found out that she’d been seeing his best friend behind his back, it was the last nail in the coffin.



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Happy #StarTrekDay

53 years ago today, the first episode of Star Trek aired and a global phenomenon was born, with there being 13 films, 7 TV series, more projects in the works, and millions of fans worldwide.



Live long and prosper.

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Change Your Destiny – One-liner Wednesday #1linerWeds


From the 2019 Avon calendar

“One change in thought leads to a change in your destiny.” – unknown



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One-Liner Wednesday – Like one of your French Girls


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Writers, Remember: The Wand Chooses The Wizard – by Michelle Barker…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

on Writers Helping Writers:

When I first started writing, I was fresh out of university with a degree in English literature. I was determined to be a literary writer. To me, this was what being a writer meant. Never mind writing about the things that suited my personality. I would write big important novels for adults, and short stories with lots of sentence fragments. And never mind finding my own voice; I wanted to sound like Margaret Atwood.

Well, the short version of this story is: I am not Margaret Atwood. It turns out, big important novels for adults are not my thing at all. I write young adult novels, because the voice that most suits my personality is a teenage one. It took a long time to reach this point, however. I did not understand the wisdom of Mr. Ollivander in Harry Potter’s world, nor would I have accepted…

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