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How to be a Happier Writer

Stevie Turner

There’s lots of ‘How to’ posts on WordPress, and so I thought I’d add my own. If you can think of any more to add other than what’s on this list, please feel free to do so:

  1. Check your KDP stats just once per week. If one person buys your book then you’ll be happy when you check at the end of each week, rather than feeling disappointed on the other 6 days.
  2. If a more experienced writer suggests a better way of writing a paragraph, then accept gracefully and make the change rather than having a hissy fit. In this way your content will improve and you may have more sales in the long run.
  3. Write with the aim of pleasing a certain percentage of readership rather than the whole 100%. You cannot please all the readers all the time.
  4. Write for the majority of the day and then…

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