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The Danger of Infodumps (And How to Avoid Them) – By Janice Hardy…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

on Fiction University:

Infodumps aren’t the end of the world for a novel—as long as you keep these things in mind.

One of my critique groups has two cozy mystery writers in it. While I don’t write cozies, I am writing a private detective series, which is why I’m in this group. One surprising thing I’ve learned, is that cozy readers love infodumps.

They like learning about something new. They want their amateur sleuth to give them mini-lectures on the dangers of radon gas or how a proper English breakfast is made.

This makes it a little hard to critique those pages, since all my instincts are screaming “Danger! Danger! Infodumps ahead!” In most genres, all that extra information is bad.

However, it is a great reminder that not all infodumps are created equal. They do have their uses, and when done well, a little infodumping actually makes the…

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Take what works, leave the rest.

Story Empire

Hi Gang. Craig with you again today. I created this post based upon some comments I’ve gotten on my last few posts. Some of you might find it helpful, and that’s almost the point.

The online author community is a wonderful resource. Almost anyone is willing to help a fellow writer for the asking. Many of us post articles about craft, tech, promo, and a million other little things. I know of an author who has been sharing historical skills for a few months. Great stuff for some genres.

I’ve learned a lot from the community, but it can be like drinking from the firehose sometimes. Part of being an author is understanding where you are on the journey. Some posts might be too simplistic, others might be beyond your skills – for now.

We try to cover many things here at Story Empire, and I can look at our…

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