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What My Literary Heroes Taught Me about Writing – By Rochelle Melander…

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on Fiction University:

Who taught you how to be a writer? Who taught you the discipline of tracking your ideas and characters, setting aside time to shape those rough starts into stories, reviewing and revising your drafts into something others might want to read, and then figuring out how to sell them? And where did you learn how to manage your mindset and energy, so that you could persist through rejections
As an author and coach, I’ve spent my career studying writing productivity. I’ve examined the practices that help and hinder our ability to write. I’ve read academic articles, how-to books, and more on the science of procrastination and productivity. But I think I’ve learned the most from reading about how other writers have done it.
This past year, I had the privilege of researching and writing a book about people whose writing changed the world. Mightier than…

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Small ways to incorporate your writing into every day, even when you don’t feel like writing

Uninspired Writers

When it comes to writing, forming a habit is vital. And writing a little every day is enough. But there’s no denying we all have days when we don’t feel like writing, when we can’t find our words. These days can leave you feeling guilty, or wishing you could do SOMETHING to progress your writing. Although you should be kind to yourself, and take a break if you need it, here are some small things you can do to incorporate your writing into those days.

Day dream
Writers are day dreamers, wonderers! And often you can fuel your imagination a lot more when thinking of your writing away from the pressure of a computer screen or empty page. Just allow yourself to day dream of your work, and see what comes to you.

Do some research
If your creativity is flagging, so some research instead. There will…

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