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How Amazon and Bookbub Will Help You Sell Books–FREE – by Ruth Harris…

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on Anne R. Allen:

Yeah, we know…

A BookBub feature will rocket your book skyward.

Stacked promos can help you tickle the algos and ride the tsunami.

A great launch strategy well executed can get your book a bestseller badge.

But all these options are pricey—especially a BookBub feature if you can even get one.

And they don’t all necessarily work or don’t work as well as you hoped.

Then what?

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Story Empire

Hi SEers! Denise here, and I’m going to talk about an exercise I did in a writing class and how it inspired new ideas.

The assignment was to sit out in public, observe, and take notes. I was to include all the senses and impressions. It was an opportunity to find a new story idea along with being immersed in a setting.

I sat at our local park above the public swimming pool. Armed with a water bottle, notebook, and pen, I took in the tall pines and oaks surrounding me and the area. The damp, warm grass under my bare feet was uniformly cut. Its musky aroma was mixing with the sweet scent of the patch of purple and yellow wildflowers off to my side.

Pink quill pen and rolled paper

The hot sun was almost overhead, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Voices echoed up from the pool in a loud rumble…

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