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TO ALL BLOGGERS! Millions of WordPress accounts targeted in major cyberattack


Hundreds of thousands ofWordPress websiteswere targeted over the course of 24 hours in a large scale cyberattack with the aim of harvesting database credentials.

The cybercriminals behind the attack were attempting to download the wp-config.php configuration files from users WordPress sites as they contain valuable information including database credentials, connection info, authentication unique keys and salts.

For more information, Check out this link NOW:

I have found a lot of messages asking me to click on a link to get more followers, you may have received some too, but don’t click on the links!

Make sure your passwords are strong and don’t post anything personal.

If you find any messages asking to click on a link, spam them right away and permanently bin them. If someone asks you for any personal info, don’t answer and spam them.

Stay safe everyone and share this post to alert…

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Things To Consider When Making Your Characters Suffer #AmWriting

Have you ever had to inflict pain and suffering onto one of your much loved fictional characters?

Have you ever reluctantly tipped a bucket full of life crapover two characters who have just found true love and as you you were doing it felt like you were betraying two old friends?

Have you ever struggled with your emotions while writing a scene where your character suffers and that scene ends up lasting only a few unbearable tiny paragraphs?

Before I published my debut novel Instructions For Falling In Love Again characters in my stories rarely suffered.

If I did have to inflict pain on a character it would last a paragraph at the most and then I would spend 3 lengthy chapters making things up to them.

I have been known to write a paragraph of character suffering and then at editing stage revise the hell out of that…

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