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Robocall Scams

Nicholas C. Rossis

I’ve been reading recently Grinders by C.S. Boyack (and making slow progress thanks to the wee one being always around – sorry, Craig!) Craig, who’s obviously a time traveler visiting from the future, has holographic walking ads following you wherever you go in 2173. While things are still not that bad, thank God, I still wish Craig wouldn’t give marketers any ideas.

Right now, I’ve been getting calls at least twice a day from a supposed London-based investment company, to my great annoyance. And I know that most people receive calls from an unknown number more times a day than they get calls from friends and family. Answer them and be subjected to an automated message or live person whose main goal is to convince you to share identifying information or send money. These calls happen at such high volume because most of them are automated. This is what’s known…

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