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Unglamorous writing confessions

So true, especially about not writing as often as we’d like to. I know I wish I had more time for writing.

Uninspired Writers

Being a writer, published or otherwise, is amazing. Writers are world builders, character creators, storytellers, daydreamers! We live in a haze of ideas and inspiration and intrigue. But let’s be honest, despite the perfect writing environment non-writers may think we live in, there are plenty of unglamorous times.

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That’s right. It’s not all tidy desks and cosy coffee shops. There’s all this too:

Writers don’t write as often as they want to
Let’s be honest here, life just doesn’t work that way. Life gets in the way of writing all the time. And let’s be even more honest…there are definitely times when we could write, but the temptation to nap or catch up on our favourite TV show takes over.
Untitled design (16)Writers aren’t full of interesting party conversation
You’d think that saying, ‘I’m a writer, don’t you know?’ would be a killer icebreaker at a party, leading into long witty…

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