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A “zoo” of a store – Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS



Lions, and tigers, and bears. Oh, my! That’s pretty much how I felt grocery shopping yesterday. You know how people sometimes describe busy, crowded places as “a zoo”? Yeah, that’s what it was like. I have no idea why it was so busy. The store was crowded more than I can remember seeing it recently, and the parking lot a little fuller. Even traffic on the streets seemed a bit busier than usual (granted, it was “rush hour” heading out there, but by the time I left the store, “rush hour” was over and it was still busy).

If it had been Wal-mart, I could have understood it. That place always seems to be a zoo. But this was Kroger – and a Kroger Marketplace, at that, and not a regular, full grocery store. And the weekly sale ad as pretty good, but not really outstandingly great. The only thing I can think is that maybe it had something to do with it being the last Friday of the month (and maybe a military payday, I’m not sure). I don’t know.


This rambling post is part of Stream of Consciousness Saturday:
The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS April 30/16

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Des Moines, Iowa Mall: Scene of Animal Welfare Showdown!

This is not good. These animals deserve better. Please sign the petition.

Dogpaddling Through Life

Des Moines, Iowa, isn’t exactly known for its great strides in animal welfare. But there is a fight brewing there, thanks to a brave woman by the name of Rita Mason.

merle hay mall des moines iowa The Merle Hay Mall in Des Moines, Iowa (photo from wikipedia)

Mason started the online petition to end the practice of allowing Pella Wildlife Company, a so-called wildlife education program, to set up a portable “zoo” in the local Merle Hay Mall. Pella’s owner, Ron DeArmond, charges admission to “view” the “animal ambassadors”, and you can pay to pet wildlife, even to have birthday parties with the animals.

While housed in the mall, the animals have no natural light, no grass beneath their feet, no ability to exercise other than to pace around a cage.

Here's' where bears, coyotes, and other wildlife will spend several weeks as "animal ambassadors" (Photo: Charlie Litchfield/The Des Moines Register) Here’s’ where bears, coyotes, and other wildlife will spend several weeks as “animal ambassadors” (Photo: Charlie Litchfield/The Des Moines Register)

DeArmond says that the people that are…

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