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3 Year Anniversay!!

Well, according to WordPress, today is my 3-year anniversary here. Wow! Has it been 3 years already? Where does the time go?

I know I’ve not been posting as much lately as I had been, but life has just gotten a bit busy, what with my day jobs and doing a little side writing on Fiverr. I’ve not even had a real chance to work on my WIP novel much, either. Oh, I’ve had ideas, and my characters have been whispering in my ears, but I haven’t had time to do anything about it. I hope to change that soon.

Anyway, I just want to thank all of you who have followed me over the last 3 years, and thank you to all the new folks who have followed me recently. I’m almost at 500 followers, and I thank you all for that. I hope you all have enjoyed what I have shared here over the last 3 years and I hope to be able to share more things for you to enjoy – and share them more frequently – if things ever manage to calm down a little (and hopefully it will).

Again, thank you to everyone for a great 3 years here on WordPress.




2nd Anniversary

Wow! Where does the time go?!

Here it is, the second anniversary of my blog! It’s hard to believe it’s been two years already! In that time, I’ve made a few friends here, have over 300 followers, and have shared some of my writing – old and new – with you all, along with an occasional musing and some funny animals. I’ve also put out a collection of short stories (Chronicles of Riss) in that time, and have been working off and on on my current work in progress (A Goddess Awakens), which I  have shared a bit of with you. I hope by the time my third anniversary here rolls around I’ll have shared more of these things with you all, and more, and maybe even have my WIP completed,  at the very least.


Happy Anniversary

Today is my one-year anniversary on WordPress! Woohoo!

Where has the time gone? It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long. But then, I’ve been saying that a lot lately. Time has just been flying by. Here it is the middle of June already and it still feels like the year only just started. And in 3 months it’ll be my one-year anniversary with my boyfriend. Wow.

And with the year half over, I’m not very much closer to having my WIP novel done by the end of the year like I’d hoped. I guess I should try to get back to working on it  (which I’ve been saying for the past week but keep getting distracted from doing.) To be fair, I did manage to get a few hundred words done on it last week, but then I managed to get sidetracked. Time to see if I can get back on track.

Anyway, happy anniversary to me!

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It’s Done

I’ve submitted my short story collection, Chronicles of Riss, and it should be live soon. Remember, it’s a “prequel” to my one book, Kismet and Tell. Anyway, it will be available soon on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Scribd, Kobo, Tolino, and Pagefoundry. I’ll make another post once it’s live.


Snow Day

I know I said I would have liked another, extra, day off work after having such a nice time over the weekend (I had a lovely little mini “vacation” weekend down at the oceanfront with my boyfriend for Valentine’s) but being stuck at home because of snow wasn’t exactly what I had  in mind. I am so not a winter weather person. I hate the cold, and although I think snow is pretty to look at, I just don’t like being stuck at home because of it. I’ll be so glad when it’s finally spring. And yes, I know it could be worse. I could be farther north, where I’m sure they’d much rather be dealing with the 4 inches of snow I got instead of 4 feet (or whatever) of snow.


from my oceanfront Valentine’s weekend



today’s snow day


At any rate, I guess I’ll try to make the best of it today and try to catch up on a few things and maybe try to work on the short story project I’m trying to get out.  Hopefully, I can get out and go back to work tomorrow.



Hi all. I’ve not gone anywhere. I’m still here. Things got kinda busy with the holidays and all, and I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. Just thought I’d drop a line real quick to give a couple of updates.

I’ve finished getting the short stories together for my collection and have read through them. Now I just need to work on the publishing aspect and get them out. Hopefully I can get that done soon, and then get back to working on my WIP book. I’ll keep you posted on how things are going with getting the short story collection out. Oh, and I had a nice comment on a Pinterest pin of my one book, Kismet and Tell. The comment said that “I’m not really into fantasy, but you’ve got me interested.”  To me, that means a lot, that someone not really into fantasy novels finds the blurb for my book interesting.

One of my Christmas presents was a rechargeable batter pack for my Wii Fit balance board (actually, I got 2 battery packs). I charged one up the other day, so now I have no “real” excuse not to use the Wii Fit (and especially not with 2 rechargeable battery packs). So now with the holidays over, I think I’ll start using the Wii Fit again. I’ve probably gained back some if not all the 10 pounds it said I’d lost.

Things are going really well on the dating front, also, and I’ll be starting to meet some of my boyfriend’s family soon. Next weekend will be a double date with his daughter and her boyfriend.

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Still Here

In case you’re wondering, I haven’t gone anywhere. I know I haven’t been posting much lately, and for that I’m sorry. Things are good here, but it has been rather busy around here lately, between work, dating, and the holidays, so it’s been hard to find time to post. I hope things will turn around soon so I can start posting more. I have managed to start working on the short story collection I mentioned in my earlier post. I’ve gotten all the stories into one document and am working on reading through and tweaking them now. I’m about halfway through that. So hopefully it’ll be ready to go soon. Then I’ll try to get back to working on my WIP book. And I hope to have another segment of my untitled short story posted soon too.



Checking In

Just thought I’d pop in real quick to let you all know that I haven’t gone anywhere. Things have just gotten a bit busy lately, between work, exercising with the Wii Fit, and my new dating life. Things are going well with the exercising. I’ve lost about 10 pounds so far, give or take. And things are going really well on the dating front, as well, even if things keep happening to keep us from a “big” date and leave us only time for a lunch date. We’ll try again this weekend for something more than just lunch.

And as you might guess, I’ve not had much time for my writing as well. I managed to get 300 words done on my book about a week ago. One of these days I’ll get around to doing more, I hope, and soon. I also intend to post another segment of my little untitled story that I’ve been working on on here soon too. Watch for it.

Oh, there’s a good idea for a Halloween costume: a procrastinating writer. I won’t even have to dress up for it 🙂


A Quick Update

Just thought I’d give you all a quick update. Things have been pretty busy for me lately, so I haven’t really gotten much writing done. I did manage to squeak out 200 words on my book the other day. And I did post a tad more on my untitled story on here. But otherwise things have just been busy. And my exercising with the Wii Fit has been eating into my afternoon free time that I had been using for writing. But I’ll somehow try to get more writing done soon. I have managed to get a few ideas thought up, at least. So it hasn’t been a total loss.

And for those of you wondering how my lunch date went yesterday, it was really nice. I won’t go into too much detail, though. We had lunch at seafood restaurant and talked and got to learn some things about each other. He seems like a really nice guy and a bit of a gentleman. I rather like him so far. Some of what I learned about him: he’s Irish; is about 6 years older than me; he’s divorced, with a couple of grown kids; and we seem to like a few of the same things (rock and classical music, and books, for example). I think we hit it off fairly well, and he really seems to have an interest in me. He wants to go out again, possibly this weekend, and has something in mind already for it (a meal at another restaurant and a walk along the beach, I believe he said).



Taking the Time – Stream of Consciousness Saturday (Time)


Let me take the time this morning while I have it to make this post. And let me say that the prompt for today is quite coincidental because I was thinking of making a post about time and writing. I’ve been so busy the last week or so that I’ve not been able to really find the time to do much writing. It seemed like I would plan to do some writing, and then something would come up that would keep me from it. Or when I did actually manage to have the time, I was so tired I didn’t feel like doing any writing because I didn’t feel I could focus on it. Best laid plans, and all that. So in the last week or so I have not managed to get any writing done on my book, not even keeping to my word count goal. But I did have a couple of ideas for it.

I saw a picture on Facebook yesterday that I need to keep in mind: to treat writing like a job, and to sit down and write something, anything, even when you don’t feel like it or feel inspired, that creativity will flow once you start writing. But for me the trick is finding the time – or, probably more accurately, taking the time – to write, to make myself not be distracted by other things and to just sit down and write. It’ll be hard to do though, because life keeps trying to interfere. But that’s the struggle any author faces, right?

One last thing: When I thought up the title for this post, one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands came to mind – Take The Time by Dream Theater – and I had it on in the background as I typed this.


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