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Bored Of Self-Isolation? Go On An Adventure Instead #Fantasy #Kids #Book #Sale

If you’re bored being stuck at home in quarantine or self-isolation because of COVID-19, why don’t you try to escape for while and go on some fun, lighthearted Fantasy adventures instead.

To get things started, I’m putting my Fantasy short story anthology on sale to make things a little easier on your pockets.


Confronting evil sorcerers. Fighting monsters. Dueling metal golems. Searching for a sea monster. Hunting lost treasure. Finding a missing show dog. Competing in talent contests. Helping lost children. These are just some of the widely varied exploits that the young mercenary sorceress Marissa “Riss” Cobalt shares in this second Adventures in Sorcery book. Riss reveals how she ended up as a mercenary and chronicles some of the many adventures, ranging from fun to serious, that she’s had prior to the events of Kismet and Tell.

Chronicles of Riss will be on sale for $0.99 for the Kindle starting April 8, 2020 until the end of the month.

And although it’s not on sale, you can also get the first Adventures in Sorcery book:


Marissa “Riss” Cobalt is a young sorceress-for-hire known throughout the world not only for her blue hair and temper but also for helping people with their problems if the money is right. So naturally, when the nephew of one of the ruling lords of the city of Westover disappears while searching for a legendary treasure, Riss is called on. Since she’s on retainer to the lords, she has no choice but to accept, despite feeling there’s more going on than she’s being told.

Get Kismet And Tell in e-book or paperback from Amazon here.

If you need a new book for the kids to enjoy and help them escape being cooped up in the house, how about letting them go on an adventure traveling around the world and visiting different countries without even leaving the house.


Young Luca receives a handmade wooden chair from his grandfather for Christmas – a chair that comes to life for him and takes the small boy traveling to different countries.
This book is recommended for ages 7 and up.

Let your child join young Luca on his travels and learn a little about places like Germany, France, and Egypt. Get The Little Italian Traveling Chair in paperback on Amazon here.



The Little Italian Traveling Chair

A few months back, I was asked to write some children’s short stories, to be turned into a book. And now, that book is finally available.

Introducing, The Little Italian Traveling Chair!



Young Luca is given a wooden chair for a Christmas, a gift made especially for him by his grandfather. It’s no ordinary chair, though. This chair comes to life for Luca and takes the small boy traveling to different countries.

Join Luca and his magic traveling chair on their adventures as they travel from Italy to explore new places.

Recommend for ages 7 and up.

Available now in paperback from Amazon.


Desert – Tuesday Use It In A Sentence #tuesdayuseitinasentence

Lance should have known better than to trust his GPS when it told him to turn off on a little side road that led him out into the desert with apparently nothing around for miles. He looked at his gas gauge and hoped he had enough to backtrack and find a gas station so he wouldn’t have to desert his car and walk until he found one.


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30 traits of an Empath (How to know if you’re an Empath)

via 30 traits of an Empath (How to know if you’re an Empath) | The Mind Unleashed.

This is an interesting article that I looked up at my mother’s request the other day. A lady at her church had mentioned being an empath to her and told her a little about it. My mother found it interesting, and similar to things she’s experienced, so she mentioned it to me and her belief that she might be an empath, and had me look it up.

As I was reading through the list of traits, she nodded her head and commented her agreement on just about each trait. I found myself agreeing with most of the traits, as well (at least half to 2/3 of them), such as: being a good listener; not much of a crowd person; a need for solitude; people coming to me with their problems; seeming shy and aloof; being creative and easily bored; daydreaming; loving nature and animals; liking adventure and travel; always looking for answers and the truth; having a hard time doing things I don’t enjoy; feeling the emotions of others and taking them on as my own; an interest in the metaphysical and supernatural. There are other traits I somewhat related to, also. And I also noticed that some of the traits seemed to echo traits of an introvert. So now I wonder how much of my introverted nature might also be me being empathic.

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The Speed of News – One-liner Wednesday

“Nothing travels faster than the speed of light, with the possible exception of bad news, which obeys its own special laws.”  – Douglas Adams, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”



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Any Road – One-liner Wednesday

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” – Lewis Carroll



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Getting Away – Stream of Consciousness Saturday

So, today’s Stream of Consciouness prompt is “getting away”. What’s the first thing that comes to my mind? The Offspring’s song, Gotta Get Away  🙂

Then I think of how I got away from it all for a week when I went on a trip to Ireland about 10 years ago. I had such a good time there, and wish I could go back again. It was so beautiful there, and I wished I could have stayed longer than the week that was scheduled for the trip. I’d went as part of a study abroad trip with a group of teachers and students at the community college. Pretty bold of me, since I didn’t know anyone there, and was only familiar with the lead teacher in the group because my mother had taken a couple of her classes  a couple years earlier (and had even done a similar trip then, also).  The trip was also my first time on a plane, so I was really feeling bold then. I had decided to go to celebrate having paid off my student loan (not the community college, I wasn’t a student there, per se; I’d only been taking a class or two there for fun).

It was such a fun trip, visiting different places in southern Ireland. Dublin, the Ring of Kerry, Dingle, Kilkenny Castle, the Rock of Cashel, the Titanic museum – all of it was so much fun. And I had the best fish and chips at a riverside restaurant there.  Oh, I really wish I could go back some day and see more!



Kilkenny Castle


A spot in Dingle

I do enjoy traveling, I just can’t really afford to do as much as I would like. If I ever win the lottery or hit it big publishing, I would go back to Ireland. I’d also like to visit England and Scotland. And I want to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, too 🙂 Some other dream places I’d like to see would be Japan, the Pyramids, and the Winter Palace and Hermitage Museum.

Where would you like to go to get away from it all, if you could?




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