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In The Cards

So, I got a new deck of tarot cards over the weekend, a cat-themed deck. I haven’t played with tarot cards in a good long while (at least a year or so), and I tried them out yesterday morning and again this morning, doing a small, 3-card daily read to see how my day would go. I have a deck that I used before that I really like, with the instruction booklet from a different deck stuck with them because I liked the way if gave the meanings for the cards and had an interesting diagram for a spread in it. That deck is where I learned about the 3-card spread for a daily reading for the day.  As it turns out, I have forgotten where I stuck that deck 😦 I looked for it over the weekend, to no avail. I’ll have to do a thorough search later, maybe this weekend. As much as I liked using that deck, I know I wouldn’t have gotten rid of it, so it has to be around here somewhere.

So since I can’t find that deck and instruction booklet, I’m having to try to remember on my own. I did find an instruction booklet in another of my tarot decks that’s similar to the one I can’t find. I like it better than the one that came with the new deck, which only gives one short line of a meaning instead of multiple suggestions and no meaning for reversed cards.

I think I must really be rusty at this, since this is what I ended up with for the two readings I did:


Yesterday’s reading (using the booklet that came with the new deck):

morning: 8 of Swords = a precarious situation  – didn’t happen (which is good)

afternoon: 7 of Swords = someone has taken something – didn’t happen (which is good)

evening: 9 of Pentacles = accomplishment – I managed to get 150 words written in my book


This morning’s reading (the booklet from a different deck/booklet that came with deck):

morning: 10 of Swords =trouble, misfortune, disappointment, etc./surrender to unpleasant circumstances – didn’t happen

afternoon: Knight of Swords = bravery, skill, heroic action, etc./someone who acts decisively – didn’t happen (that I can tell)

evening: 7 of Swords = new plans, hope, partial success, confidence, perseverance, etc./someone has taken something – so far, no


I wonder why I kept drawing Swords :/  And it’s weird how all the cards have similar meanings between the two decks except for the 7 of Swords (that I’ve noticed so far, at least).

Anyway, as I said, I think I must be rusty. I’ll have to keep practicing and work on breaking in this new deck. On the plus side, I’ve realized I’ve missed playing with tarot cards 🙂