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Some Days – One-liner Wednesday #linerWeds


Me, on the rare weekend day I can just veg like that.  Wish I could have more of them.


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One-Liner Wednesday – Nature’s Fireworks


For All You Procrastinators – One-liner Wednesday #1linerWeds

This is pretty much how I’ve been feeling lately.



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One-Liner Wednesday – Foreigner


(image is from my Pinterest)

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You know you’re a writer when you’ve found a million ways to procrastinate #writer #writing

Guilty of reading and daydreaming 🙂

The Writing Chimp

You know you’re a writer when you’ve found a million ways to procrastinate
here are a few tips to help you spot the procrastination pitfalls.

Reading really is the perfect excuse for any writer because you can convince yourself that it is actually helping you to become a better writer. Yes, it certainly is, but sometimes you do need to put the book down and get back to your keyboard and write.

Snacks.If you want to keep your writing brain in tip-top working order you need a snack, right? Yes, until you realise you’ve eaten enough food for a small party, and then it’s time to explore the possibility that you might be letting procrastination creep in.

Daydreaming is the birthplace of all good plot ideas. But maybe if you’re daydreaming about ‘fetching another snack’, it’s time to get on with actually writing the book!

Editing! Is the worst form of writer procrastination. You know you need

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A Funny Little Coincidence

So, I reblogged a post yesterday that listed some funny responses for writers when asked how their book is coming along. And what happens to me at work today? One of my coworkers asked me this morning how I’m coming along with my writing. I was tempted to say something witty, like in the post from yesterday, but instead I just said I wasn’t getting as much done as I would have liked and have been trying to get back to working on my WIP after getting distracted with publishing and trying to promote my short story collection, Chronicles of Riss, and by life in general.

And I did actually work on my WIP for a few minutes this evening and got another 100 words done. A little progress, then. Every little bit helps, right?


My excuse? – Stream of Consciousness Saturday (excuse)



I admit it. I’ve been slacking a bit lately on a few things.

On my writing.

On blogging.

On working out on my Wii Fit.

I haven’t worked on my WIP book in a couple months or so now. But I have started working on a getting short story collection together. I even read through one of the stories today. So I haven’t been totally slacking on writing at all. But I’ve not been doing as much as I’d like or should be doing.

And posting on my blog has fallen a bit by the wayside as well, and for that I apologize. I’m going to do my best to fix that and try to post more often as I can.

And yeah, working out on the Wii Fit. I was doing pretty good with that for a couple months or so. But one day I got a low battery warning about the balance board, and I held off on using it for a few days until I could get some more batteries. And wouldn’t you know it. I got more batteries for it a couple weeks ago, and still have not replaced them.

My excuse for all this? Well, I could blame it on time constraints – work, dating, family responsibilities, etc. – and just having a hard time finding time. And that is part of it. But really, I don’t think there is any real excuse for it but laziness and good old procrastination.

Shame on me.



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Putting things off

On the radio morning show this morning, they did a phone survey asking what things you’ve been meaning to do/need to do but have been putting off. That got me thinking, and I was a bit surprised by how many things there are:

I’ve slipped a little on my daily word count goal. But that’s not really putting off.

I’d been putting off getting a new car, but I took care of that over the weekend.

I’ve been intending to get out and socialize more, but had been putting it off (one reason being the beat-up old car I’d been using).

I’ve been intending to start going to church again, but have been putting that off, too.

I’ve been intending to get new glasses but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

My hair could probably use a trim, but I’ve been putting it off because I’ve been thinking of growing it out.

I have a group of short stories I’ve been thinking of compiling together and putting out on Amazon, but haven’t done it yet.

Going through clothes in my closet.

Sorting through the stuff I took out of my old car before I traded it in.




So, what sort of things have you been putting off doing lately?




The story of my life lately



Ah, yeah. Seems like that’s been my life lately: a victim of procrastination again.  Hope to fix it soon.  Didn’t make my word count goal today. Only made it about halfway.