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The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award #2


Many thanks to Natacha Guyot from Science Fiction, Transmedia & Fandom for nominating me for this award. I am honored and truly appreciate it 🙂

 There are four rules:

  1. Say “Thank You” to the person who nominated you & link their blog to your post.
  2. Answer the 10 questions given to you.
  3. Pass the award on to 7 other bloggers and let them know they have been nominated.
  4. Include the Award Badge in your post.

My answers:

  1. What are you currently reading?
    I’m currently in the process of re-reading both Harry Potter and The Dresden Files for now, though I have a huge stack of books still waiting to be read. I’ll probably get around to one of them shortly. 
  2. Do you enjoy crafty hobbies?
    I dabble in making jewelry
  3. What is one of your favorite foods?
    Just one? Cheesecake, though I rarely turn down Chinese food and anything chocolate
  4. What movie are you most looking forward to in 2015?
    The new Avengers movie, which I saw a couple weeks ago for my birthday
  5. What brought you to blogging?
    It was an effort to get myself out on social media and all, since I’m fairly new to the indie author thing.
  6. Do you like poetry?
    I enjoy reading poetry, but I don’t really write it much. My writing muse seems to give me ideas for stories more than for poems.
  7. Do you have a favored computer brand?
    Whichever works and will let me do what I need.
  8. What is the one software you couldn’t live without?
    A word processor.
  9. What book(s) from your childhood left a most significant impression?
    I don’t know about leaving a significant impression, but some of my favorites were Nancy Drew, James Howe’s Bunnicula books, and the Pern books (which helped get me into fantasy novels).
  10. Do you like notebooks?
    I take one with me to work every day in case I have time to write on lunch or have an idea to jot down 🙂

The questions for my nominees:

1. Are you a morning person?

2. What was your favorite tv show as a kid?

3. Do you consider yourself a geek?

4. Are you a cat person or dog person?

5. Do you listen to music when you’re working on a project?

6. Who are some of your favorite authors?

7. What is one place you would like to visit if you could?

8. Do you enjoy doing things outdoors (nature walks, camping, etc.)?

9. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

10.  Do you believe in ghosts?

My nominees:

Instead of choosing this time, since there are so many to pick from, I’ll just nominate whoever reads this and would like to take part 🙂