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The Moon- Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS


The path you walk

May seem confusing, 

Full of insecurities

And uncertainties.

You may feel

Lost on your journey,

As if wandering

In the dark of night,

Not sure of where

You should be going.

But worry not,

For the Moon will

Light your path,

Providing the clarity

And understanding

Your intuition needs

To guide your way

Through the darkness.

Use its gentle light

To walk your path,

And take your steps

Bravely towards

Your hopes and dreams.

This post is part the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, “the last photo you took”:

My last photo was of the Buck Moon on July 23, 2021 (the photo at the beginning of the post)



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To The Moon – Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS #amwriting



“Hey!” said the fox, running up the little dog lying by the fence. “Diddle! Have you seen Bessie lately? I’ve not seen her all day.”

The dog looked up at the fox briefly, then went back to dozing.

“Bah!” scoffed the fox. “What a lazy dog. Thanks for nothing, Diddle!”

The fox jumped over the dog and ran up to the small cat playing with a fiddle at the far end of the yard. “Have you seen Bessie lately? I’ve not seen her all day. She was saying something strange yesterday and I’m worried.”

“Nope, sorry,” said the cat. “Can’t say I have seen her today.” Then the cat spotted a dish and a spoon lying the yard close by. The cat stopped playing with the fiddle and started stalking the dish and spoon.

The fox wandered away and made its way to the far end of the fenced-in field. There he found Bessie, the brown-spotted cow who was his friend. She was standing all alone, staring up the crescent moon rising in the sky. The fox ran up to her.

“Bessie!” the fox said. “You’re not really going to try it, are you?”

Bessie let out a soft “moo” and looked at the fox. “Yes, I am, dear friend.”

“But you can’t, Bessie! You can’t jump over the moon! It’s impossible! No one can do it!”

“Moo!” Bessie said with an angry swish of her tail. “It’s only impossible because no one has done it before! But I can do it, fox! Just you watch!”

“But…” the fox started to say, but it had to back out the way as Bessie backed up.

The cow stared at the moon, then took off running as fast as she could across the field. She ran and ran towards the moon. She didn’t seem to see fence growing closer, and the fox was afraid she’d crash into it, but at the last second, the cow gave a long, loud “Moo!” that drew the attention of the cat and the lazy dog, and she took a flying leap into the sky.

To their amazement, the cow jumped high enough to reach the moon. The fox thought she’d really make it all the way over, but just as she was clearing the top, her collar snagged on the tip of the crescent and she hung there, dangling high in the sky.

The lazy dog laughed to see such a sight.

“MOO!” Bessie cried out in fright. “HELP ME!”

“Lose the collar!” the fox called to her.

Bessie started wriggling around and then, suddenly, she slipped out of her collar and fell to the ground. The fox, the dog, and the cat ran up to her as she struggled to her feet.

“Are you alright, Bessie?” the fox asked.

“Moo,” she said plaintively, “I’m fine, aside from a bruised ego. You were right, fox. I couldn’t do it.”

“But Bessie, you almost did! You almost made it! It was amazing! You did great!”



The cat and dog nodded agreement, although the both grinned at the memory of her dangling from the moon.

“Thank you. Maybe I will try again. But not today. I think I’ve had enough excitement for one day.”

Bessie headed back to the field, escorted by her friends.


This silly story is part of the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, “moo”:

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Apr. 15/17


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Moon shots

One thing I like to play around with is taking photos, especially nature photos. I particularly like getting photos of the moon. I got a nice little digital camera last year (not a professional one, but still somewhat nice) and I’ve been getting some rather nice shots with it. Here are a few of my favorite recent shots of the moon. Enjoy.