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10 Most Common Dreams and What They Mean Infographic…

Interesting information. I usually have odd dreams so I often wonder what they mean. I can’t really recall dreams like these before, except some that were sort of like being chased (like the one that was sort of like a zombie movie and I and others were trying to get away and hide, except instead of it being zombies we were escaping from killer rabbits, and one dream where a dragon was after me, but I was the only one who could see it).

Anyone have any ideas what dreaming about grocery shopping might mean? I’ve been having a lot of dreams involving that lately.

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A Slutty, Cussing Barbie

Had a very odd dream this morning  just before my alarm went off. In the dream, I was putting a slinky black dress on a Barbie doll. The kicker is that the Barbie doll could talk (I think it might have been like one of those talking dolls, with the programmed phrases it can say, but I’m not sure), and its vocabulary was definitely not child-friendly.


Curious as to what it might mean, I looked up the meaning of a Barbie doll in dreams, and found a few different meanings:

1- “To see a Barbie doll in your dream represents society’s ideals. You may feel that you are unable to meet the expectations of others. Alternatively, the Barbie doll refers to the desire to escape from daily responsibilities. It may serve to bring you back to your childhood where life was much simpler and more carefree.”  –

2-“Dreaming of a barbie doll means you are seeking to live an ideal life. You tend to think having the perfect body image, and material possessions would naturally make your happier. Look within yourself to see if looking your best all the time justifies the amount of time spent verse the rewards gained. Learn to build on long terms goals instead of focusing on beauty and things, because time trumps beauty and all things lose value.” –

3-“If you see a Barbie doll in your dream it denotes the perfection of the world. The dream explains that you have a sense of no one understanding you and accepting the way you are. It might be that you have too big expectations for yourself just to prove those around you that you can do everything and are capable to reach any goal. The other explanation of this dream foretells that the Barbie doll wants to avoid the duties and charges it has…” –


So what does that say about me that my subconscious is putting a Barbie doll in a slinky black dress and making her cuss like a sailor? I’m almost afraid to think.
What about you? What do you think it might mean? And have you had any weird dreams like this?