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What kind of reader are you?

Polygamist (usually have more than one going at a time) monogamist (I reread a lot of my favorites) extrovert with slight introvert leanings (I read a lot of different genres, but have 2 or 3 that I read the most). Slightly altruistic and neurotic (sometimes I have a couple of books that get set aside for a while, but I eventually come back and finish them).

What about you?

I am a polygamist, monogamist, extrovert altruist reader. I burn through series that I like, I remember them. I love re-reading them. I do all this stuff, except the neurotic thing.. I almost always finish a book, unless it’s horrible and I cannot get into it.

That rarely happens. 🙂


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10 Most Common Dreams and What They Mean Infographic…

Interesting information. I usually have odd dreams so I often wonder what they mean. I can’t really recall dreams like these before, except some that were sort of like being chased (like the one that was sort of like a zombie movie and I and others were trying to get away and hide, except instead of it being zombies we were escaping from killer rabbits, and one dream where a dragon was after me, but I was the only one who could see it).

Anyone have any ideas what dreaming about grocery shopping might mean? I’ve been having a lot of dreams involving that lately.

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Infographic: The Health Benefits of Reading

I knew there was some reason or other(s) that I’ve always enjoyed reading 🙂

Nicholas C. Rossis

Designer Raphael Lysander has produced this beautiful Infographic on the health benefits of reading, first published on his excellent blog. The image features statistics on how reading can help with stress relief, mental skill development, and forming relationships:


If you wish to print this Infographic, it’s available on Zazzle.

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10 most commonly misused words.

#7 is one of my pet peeves. I mentally flinch every time I hear it. I can’t even stand to listen to a Toby Keith song because it’s used in it (and I love Toby Keith).

Hmm I’m not sure a couple of these are right 😛 but then I’m probably using them wrong.

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