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Dream A New Dream – One-liner Wednesday #1lineWed

This is part of One-liner Wednesday:

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Slip-sliding Away


Or not being distracted by life, either.

I’ve  managed to get away from my daily word goal again. I was doing pretty well with it last week, but over the weekend, I got busy with various things, including ending up buying a new(er) vehicle. And this afternoon after work I had a few things to take care of regarding that. I think everything is done with that now, so I hope to get back to my daily goal thing tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed.




Quit Piddling and Write



That’s what I’m working on.  I managed to slack off on my writing goal, and didn’t get anything written all week. Shame, shame. So, after a busy morning and taking care of some things this afternoon, I worked on it for about an hour and got 500 words written, almost double my goal. So, not bad. I managed to get the intro scene for the chapter completed. I’ll see if I can get at least that much done tomorrow, too.



Writing tip: word count goal


In a effort to try to get my book finished, I decided to try setting a daily word count goal, as I mentioned in my post about procrastination. I decided to start it at around 300 words/day, since I figure I can get that much done, at least, when I get home from work. I started yesterday, and between then and today I’ve gotten about 650 words done. So this seems to be working so far. I just hope I can keep at it.  We’ll see. Wish me luck. And if you have any other tips to offer, feel free. I have a couple chapters sketched out already, I’m just trying to flesh them out right now. Then I’ll have to work on the next chapters.





Dream Chase

I’m not much of a poem writer. I prefer writing stories. I don’t write poems much unless the muse strikes, which isn’t very often. This is just a little poem I wrote a few years ago. Hope you like it.


Dream Chase



Like stars up in the sky
My dreams shine bright and clear,
And yet just out of reach.
How I long to grasp my stars
And see my dreams come true.

To be like a bird flying high,
Close to the stars.
To have my dreams within my grasp.

Dreams of Love.
Dreams of Fame.
Dreams of Happiness.

But I will not give up my dreams.
With Hope and Faith as my guides
I will spread my wings and fly.
I will soar up high like a bird
And pluck my stars from the sky.




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