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My excuse? – Stream of Consciousness Saturday (excuse)



I admit it. I’ve been slacking a bit lately on a few things.

On my writing.

On blogging.

On working out on my Wii Fit.

I haven’t worked on my WIP book in a couple months or so now. But I have started working on a getting short story collection together. I even read through one of the stories today. So I haven’t been totally slacking on writing at all. But I’ve not been doing as much as I’d like or should be doing.

And posting on my blog has fallen a bit by the wayside as well, and for that I apologize. I’m going to do my best to fix that and try to post more often as I can.

And yeah, working out on the Wii Fit. I was doing pretty good with that for a couple months or so. But one day I got a low battery warning about the balance board, and I held off on using it for a few days until I could get some more batteries. And wouldn’t you know it. I got more batteries for it a couple weeks ago, and still have not replaced them.

My excuse for all this? Well, I could blame it on time constraints – work, dating, family responsibilities, etc. – and just having a hard time finding time. And that is part of it. But really, I don’t think there is any real excuse for it but laziness and good old procrastination.

Shame on me.



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