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Family (Dresden Files Quote) – One-liner Wednesday #1linerWeds

In honor of the book Peace Talks (Dresden Files #16) finally being released after 6 loooong years,  I thought I’d share a Dresden Files quote:

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“When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching – they are your family.” Jim Butcher, Proven Guilty


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One-Liner Wednesday, July 15th – It’s 5 o’clock somewhere




Without Love – One-liner Wednesday #1linerWeds


“You can have everything in the world, but if you don’t have love, none of it means crap.” – Jim Butcher, the Dresden Files (said by Thomas Raith in Blood Rites)




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One-Liner Wednesday – This may become a regular “thing”


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Free Will – One-liner Wednesday

” What is the point of having free will if one cannot occasionally spit in the eye of destiny?” – Jim Butcher (Dresden Files)



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Getting Started – One-liner Wednesday

“You can’t plan for everything or you never get started in the first place.”
― Jim Butcher, Changes





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Skin Game (Dresden Files)

So I just finished reading Skin Game, the newest installment in the Dresden Files series. The (probably) year-long wait for it was well worth it. The book was exciting, hard to put down, and full of Harry’s standard snarky, wise-cracking humor and pop culture references, as one would come to expect from the series (and one of the things I always look forward to). From the get-go, when Harry is asked to help one of his arch-nemesis to steal a valuable item from a vault belonging to the Lord the Underworld (yes, that Lord), the book hooks you and doesn’t disappoint. I found the lack of an appearance in the book by Thomas a little disappointing, but it was rather nice to see Michael in action again. Overall, the book was terrific, and I am eagerly looking forward to the next one. Sadly, I’ll have to wait yet again.