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It’s Your Choose – Stream of Consciousness Saturday (funny)




No, that’s not a typo. Well, not an unintentional one, at least. It’s something funny that my mother and I came across as we were running a few errands this morning. See, we were stopped at a light at an intersection, and noticed two middle-aged women standing on the corner holding signs. That’s nothing surprising, as we see things like that fairly often, people standing on corners with signs for fund-raising car washes, or begging for money. However, the signs these women were holding caught me by surprise, and made me think of scenes from movies where the old guy is walking down the street with a “The End Is Near” sign and proclaiming the end of the world and such.

Anyway, one of the women held a sign that said “Jesus is coming. Repent now.” And the other woman’s sign – and this is one that got us laughing – said “If you were to die today, do you know where you will be going? Will you go to heaven? Or will you go to hell? It’s your choose. Burn forever or live.”  My mother and I got a good laugh from the whole thing. Now, don’t get me wrong. My mother is a church-going Christian. And although I’ve not been to church in a good while, I do still believe and am baptised (and I have been intending to start going back to church, but haven’t gotten around to it yet). It was just the sight of two women trying to evangelize with signs on a street corner, and the obvious grammar error, that got us laughing. I even said to my mother as I was reading the sign out for her (she was driving the car, and the women were on my side of the street), “Well, I choose to go over there and fix your grammar mistake.”

Well, that was my funny story for today.


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