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Are We Animal Lovers? Or Users of Animals?

There are some excellent points raised in this post. Changes need to be made. But sadly I don’t think it’ll happen any time soon.

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When I began writing about animal welfare issues, I naively thought that what was missing in the community was a lack of focused leadership, and that if only more people knew the truth about the plight of many animals around the world, we could join together and make positive changes.

Oh, what a fool I was.

You love me.... as long as Jen keeps getting great photos of me that pull on your heartstrings. You love me…. as long as Jen keeps getting great photos of me that pull on your heartstrings.

What do I know today? That the pet industry is one of the fastest growing in many places around the world. Animals appear in more commercials than they don’t. Looking at cute animal pictures on the Internet is one of the biggest time thieves in modern-day life.

While at the same time, human commitment to animal welfare has declined in the past eight years.

Humans are responsible for the almost-certain extinction of elephants, rhinos, and tigers.


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Abused elephant rescued by Wildlife S.O.S. –

This is such a great story! An elephant held in captivity and abused for 50 years is finally rescued and set free, and even cries tears of joy.


Abused elephant rescued by Wildlife S.O.S. –

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Des Moines, Iowa Mall: Scene of Animal Welfare Showdown!

This is not good. These animals deserve better. Please sign the petition.

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Des Moines, Iowa, isn’t exactly known for its great strides in animal welfare. But there is a fight brewing there, thanks to a brave woman by the name of Rita Mason.

merle hay mall des moines iowa The Merle Hay Mall in Des Moines, Iowa (photo from wikipedia)

Mason started the online petition to end the practice of allowing Pella Wildlife Company, a so-called wildlife education program, to set up a portable “zoo” in the local Merle Hay Mall. Pella’s owner, Ron DeArmond, charges admission to “view” the “animal ambassadors”, and you can pay to pet wildlife, even to have birthday parties with the animals.

While housed in the mall, the animals have no natural light, no grass beneath their feet, no ability to exercise other than to pace around a cage.

Here's' where bears, coyotes, and other wildlife will spend several weeks as "animal ambassadors" (Photo: Charlie Litchfield/The Des Moines Register) Here’s’ where bears, coyotes, and other wildlife will spend several weeks as “animal ambassadors” (Photo: Charlie Litchfield/The Des Moines Register)

DeArmond says that the people that are…

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Suffer the Children…… of all Species

This post raises some excellent points, and just felt I had to share it.

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Yesterday I held the sweetest 3-month-old baby boy. I watched in amazement as he shivered when I lightly rubbed my finger over the bottom of his foot. He showed me how he could kick his legs and wave his arms, and I called him a little wiggle worm. He had wisps of curly hair and such soft skin.

The baby had been removed from his mother because she threatened to harm him.

Since that experience, I have found myself wondering what will become of that precious, perfect child.

Will his mother convince the court to return him to her care? Will he be bounced around from place to place, and never learn to depend on others for support? Or will he be adopted into a loving family who will offer him many opportunities throughout his life?

Will he be a lifelong ward of the state, graduating from social services…

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