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Yarn – Tuesday Use It In A Sentence #tuesdayuseitinasentence

As Michael stood beside the table and watched the nurse lead his grandparents into the room and over to him, he recalled all the times as a child that he’d watch his grandmother knit while he listened to his grandfather spin one yarn after another about things that had happened in his youth.

Tears welled up in his eyes as he watched them sit down at the table and look at him with smiles on their faces but not really knowing who he was. He wished again that he could go back and be a kid again with them.

He sat down across from them, reached into a bag, and pulled out a ball of red yarn and some knitting needles. “Grandma,” he said, “knit something for me, please.” He turned to his grandfather. “Grandpa, tell me again about that time you went fishing and caught that huge catfish.”

His grandparents grinned, and he saw a spark of recognition in their eyes at last. “Michael,” they said happily.


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Young at Heart – Stream of Consciousness Saturday (young/old/age)


I wasn’t sure at first if I could come up with something for today’s prompt, but then as I thought about it for a couple of moments, one of my all-time favorite songs came to mind – Young At Heart from Frank Sinatra – and that gave me an idea, for I do feel that I am young at heart. I enjoy playing games, including video games when I have the time (yes, I consider myself somewhat of a gamer chick). I still like to watch cartoons (though not so much the newer cartoons) and Disney movies. I like to read YA novels. And yes, I occasionally still buy “collectible” figures and plush toys. I don’t feel like I’m almost 40 years old.  I still feel like I’m maybe in my 20s, which could be why my tastes and interests are still in that age range. I only realize how old I’m getting when the calendar turns and my birthday comes around. But I’m sort of like Peter Pan, I guess. I don’t want to grow up. I prefer staying young at heart,  having fun, and dreaming dreams and hoping for fairy tales to come true. You may think me a bit of a naive, hopeless romantic and optimist, but that’s just how I am.




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