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Managing the Large Cast of Characters #amwriting

Life in the Realm of Fantasy

Today we begin a series on character creation. A large cast of characters can be difficult to write well. We want each character to have an evolving personality. The reader wants to know them as friends, to see them to grow in a positive or negative way as the events of the story unfold.

MyWritingLife2021BI try to keep the ensemble narrow in my work, limiting points of view to only one, two, or three characters at most. I keep the core cast limited to four or five, as it takes a lot of effort to show more people than that as being separate and unique.

Any number of evolutionary occurrences can happen in the first draft, and the plot will often change from what was originally planned. I use a stylesheet, also known as a storyboard, to keep track of the plot and the characters.

  • I update my stylesheet/storyboard…

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Metaphysical Elements In Writing – Intro

Story Empire

Hello, SE’ers! It’s the beginning of a new year and the start of a new series. I hope your year has started off strong with abundant inspiration!

I have long been a student of all things metaphysical and love putting bits and pieces of what I’ve learned and experienced over the years into stories.

For this new series, I’m going to combine my passion for storytelling and metaphysical elements by discussing in detail how to effectively and tastefully add them to fiction writing.

Image by Amy Art-Dreams from Pixabay

Metaphysical or supernatural elements in writing are not to be confused or aligned with any one religion or spiritual belief. They are Universal. I view the various metaphysical elements available to us as tools we can utilize to dive deeper into our human experience while adding a bit of magic or mysticism.

So, how does that meld with fiction writing?


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