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Write What You’re Passionate About

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Hi, SEers. You’re with Mae today. I hope you’ll forgive me while I ramble. As writers we’re lucky we get to do something we enjoy—creating stories. No one makes us sit down at a keyboard and pour our heart into a world we populate with twists and turns for characters who live in our heads.

Okay, so maybe your muse spurs you on, but your museisyour creativity. The voice inside you that won’t be silenced, that insists on expressing himself or herself with every click of the keyboard or stroke of the pen. Writing is your passion but is it your only intense interest?

Writers often find ways to combine the elements they love. Some are obvious—you could say Stephen King likes creepy stuff. Not a stretch, right? Others are more subtle. Many romance authors admit to having fallen in love with fairy tales as a child. The…

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