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What is a cozy mystery? And how can I write a cozy mystery? – by David Crumm…

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on Front Edge Publishing:

Just a few of the 100s of cozy mysteries in hardback and paperback in a bookstore or library near you.

Edgar Allen Poe. Arthur Conan Doyle. Agatha Christie. Carolyn Keene. Sue Grafton. Jacqueline Winspear. Susan Wittig Albert. Janet Evanovich.


Yes, You could join that list.

That’s especially true if you already enjoy reading cozy mystery novels or watching the dozens of cozy TV series—especially the abundance of made-for-TV series broadcast via Hallmark, PBS, BBC and Acorn. With a little planning and coaching, you could spin your own cozy tale of an intrepid sleuth, perhaps an amateur just like you, tracking down the evildoer who has disrupted your otherwise charming community.

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