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Why Do You Write? #authors #writers

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Hi, SEers! Mae here with a simple—or maybe not so simple—question.

Why do you write?

What compels you to spend hours, days, weeks, months or more, crafting a single story? Why does the story form in your head to begin with? Is it birthed from characters who won’t leave you alone, or does it form as a plot with grayed out faces? Once you tell a tale, why do you go back to the drawing board and start another? Whatspursyou to create?

You may be familiar with a quote that runs along the lines of”if you’re a writer, your days are spent writing or thinking about writing.”

woman sitting on couch, typing on laptop

I know that’s true for me. Rarely does a day, pass when I’m not engaged in one or the other. I find it mind-boggling other people can walk around giving absolutely no thought to crafting fiction. For those of us who…

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