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How the Written Universe Works – the Physics of Magic part 1 #amwriting

Life in the Realm of Fantasy

In all my favorite science fiction and fantasy novels, the enemy has access to equal or better science or magic. The story is about how the characters overcome the limitations of their science, magic, or superpower and succeed in their quest.

How the written universe works magic and superpowers1Magic should exist as an underlying, invisible layer of your written universe, the way gravity exists in reality. We know gravity works and accept it as a part of daily life.

Magic should operate with the same limitations that, say, light photons have. Photons can do some things, and they cannot do others.

Your story won’t contradict itself if you establish the known physics of magic before you begin using and abusing it.

As a confirmed lover of all things fantasy, I read a great deal of both indie and traditionally published work. Both sides of the publishing industry are guilty of publishing novels that aren’t well thought out.

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Know your audience

Story Empire

Hi Gang! Craig with you once more with something to consider. There’s an old bit of advice about making presentations, or producing an article, that still applies, “Know your audience.” This means don’t speak over their heads with a lot of technical jargon, acronyms, and industry-speak. Make it relative to the attendees and readers. It also applies to fiction, but not in the way you might think.

I believe the lines are blurring with the advent of Amazon and self publishing. Let’s face it, the old genres are more like guidelines than rules these days. Mashups are all the rage, so you get sweet romances during the apocalypse, or weird westerns where cowboys hunt zombies. These kind of things are popular, too.

I’ve got to confess that my first audience is me. I write to please myself and hope there are other weirdos like me that could be entertained by…

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