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“If you don’t know what’s impossible, it’s easier to do it …” ~ Neil Gaiman…

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on Publishing … and Other Forms of Insanity:

Neil Gaiman is one of the darlings of sci-fi. Like another British-born sci-fi darling, Douglas Adams, his wit is dry, and his prose whimsical.

Gaiman started out as a journalist, but quit. In spite of his disillusionment with the medium, journalism was a good springboard for Gaiman, as it was for Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Stephen King, and Hemingway. (For all its faults, journalism trains writers to produce, and to not waste words.)

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Zero, Zip, Zilch – Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS

As I’m sitting here, sipping on my Coke Zero Sugar, I’m trying to think of something creative, some sort of short little story to write for this prompt like I usually do. But I’m having trouble thinking of anything. No good ideas are coming to me.

Zip. Zilch. Nada.

Maybe just a brief flash of a possible scene. But not enough to build something on.

I think my tank of creative juices must be sitting close to zero right now. Looks like I’m going to have to try to do something to refill it.

Maybe I’ll try to take care of something around the house to see if I can get the creative juices flowing that way.

Or maybe if I try writing on my work in progress, I’ll have better luck coming up with something.

Or maybe I’ll just read a book instead to try to get the juices going.

I don’t know. But I’ll think of something.

Having zero creative ideas sure does stink sometimes when you’re a writer.

This post is part of the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, “zip, zero, zilch”: