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Weaving Flashbacks Seamlessly into Story – by Tiffany Yates Martin…

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on Jane Friedman site:

Authors often think of flashbacks as separate, self-contained scenes that serve to fill in essential backstory for characters—and sometimes this can be their format and function.

But this separatist approach is often at the root of why flashbacks can be so tricky for authors to incorporate without pulling the reader out of the smooth flow of the story or stalling momentum, and why they may wrestle with smoothly moving in and out of a flashback.

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Modern Day Censorship

Story Empire

Hi gang, Craig with you once more to talk about an open topic. This one isn’t a specific writing lesson. It’s more of an awareness with no right answers. Feel free to discuss in the comments later.

When we think of censorship, we think about movie ratings, an overzealous school board, or maybe even a political body of some kind. Those things still happen, but something else has reared its head when it comes to books.

I’m talking about the power of the Internet. Anyone can voice an opinion at any time these days. They can gather friends and move against virtually anything. There have been stories of targeted venom spewed at specific books or authors. More than once if your name is Rowling.

What brought this to the point of a post was the documentary “Get Back,” on Disney+. They felt the need to publish trigger warnings prior to…

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