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Creating Characters vs. Defamation of Character #amwriting

Life in the Realm of Fantasy

Real-life has moments that are far stranger than anything I could dream up. I’m not alone in this—everyone has a story. That story will have moments that are difficult to hear and others that are amazing.

DangerWriting fiction allows me to put reality into more palatable chunks. It’s easier to cope with that way.

One of the ways I design my worlds is by drawing on the real world to help develop the unreal. Reshaping and reusing the scenery and terrain around you are habits of good world-building.

However, crafting characters is different. We shouldn’t use the real names and exact situations of people we are acquainted with for any reason. Don’t thinly disguise your hated boss or neighbor with a different name because they could recognize themselves and sue you.

This was made clear by the late Betty MacDonald’s situation. Her first published book was picked up by

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Is Writer’s Block a Thing?: The Writer’s Block Expose – By William L. Hahn…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

on Anne R. Allen:

Other than a single flash piece before Christmas, I haven’t written a solitary word on my epic fantasy world in more than a year. And holy crow, do I need to. Not only do I have a complete, well-envisioned novel in front of me. Not only is that ripping tale of Hope and derring-do the start of a mega-cool trilogy. No, it’s worse than that…

Books 2 and 3 have already been published for years.

So don’t come to me singing your sad tales of what-could-have-been with your writing. I know from screwed up Muses and delayed dreams, trust me.

And I know another thing: I’m not suffering from Writer’s Block right now. I’m simply not writing.

But I HAVE had “it”, to the extent that something so perilous and widespread can be called a single thing. I know this malady, or at least, some of…

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