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Story Development and Execution Part 2: The Story Bible

Story Empire

Ciao, SEers. Happy Groundhog Day! I hope Punxsutawney Phil isn’t a disappointment to you.

While I considered doing a time-loop post and circling back to the beginning over and over, I decided against it. (You’re welcome.) The gimmick would be cute, but this topic deserves serious consideration.

Today is part two: the story bible. I was going to call this planning, but it’s not exactly that. And it’s different than outlining, too. Plus, I know that term would send many of you running for the hills. Please bear with me. (And if you’re looking for posts on outlining, read Craig’s take on storyboarding, my method for outlining for multiple POVs, and Mae’s plan to “plants” instead of plot or pants.)

Story Empire has discussed the story bible before. (See posts from me and Mae.) Today’s post looks at things a little differently.

We discussed…

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