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How to Improve Your Writing Skills: Take Your Writing from Good to Great – by Nicole Dieker…

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on The Write Life:

Soooo… you’ve been writing for a while. Maybe you seriously got into writing fiction a year ago; maybe you’ve been a freelance writer for three or four years now. Maybe you started writing a book and it didn’t go anywhere.

You know you want to improve your writing, but you don’t know HOW. What do you need to do to take your writing to the next level? Are there practical, actionable steps you can take to get your writing from GOOD to GREAT?

YES. Writing, like everything else, can benefit from what is called deliberate practice — a focused, disciplined attempt at identifying areas of improvement (and then, of course, improving them).

Here’s how to improve your writing skills — in three (or maybe four) easy steps.

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How to Write Point of View, Part 9, The Unreliable Narrator and POV

Story Empire

Pictures of single eyes scattered atop one another and ringed by purple, red, or yellow eye shadow. From Pixabay.
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Hi SErs! It’s a day of Harmony here at Story Empire 🙂 Today, I’d like to talk about how to write Point of View (POV), and how to use your chosen lens, when employing an unreliable narrator in your story.

The First Person lens/POV choice has often been touted as the only point of view for employing an unreliable narrator. However, as this post will explore, us writers have alternative options we can choose to use.

What is an Unreliable Narrator?

The term ‘unreliable narrator’ was first coined by literary critic Wayne C. Booth in his 1961 book,The Rhetoric of Fiction.

An unreliable narrator is a character or commentator in the story who can lie to the reader, and often, themselves. Such a person presents facts, opinions, and conclusions that aren’t, necessarily, consistent with the actuality of the world and events in…

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