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Life in the Realm of Fantasy

January is a good time to think about your career as an author, even if you must still hold down a full-time job. Authors who want to find readers should have a website and perhaps a little blog. The website is more than just a pain in the neck that you haven’t figured out yet.

blogging memeIt’s a platform where you can advertise your books and discuss your interests, and most importantly, talk about what you are writing.

If cost is a problem, don’t sweat it. WordPress offers free blogs and free theme templates, so with a small amount of effort and a little self-education, you can have a nice-looking website. I began in 2011 with no website skills whatsoever, but I can hold my own now.

I have made a personal commitment to post three times a week on this blog. This allows me to rant about the craft of…

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The Writer’s Contract with Readers

Story Empire

Happy New Year, SE friends! I hope your holidays were perfect in all ways. Since we’re at the beginning of the year, with hopes and dreams running high, I’ve decided to focus on the promises we make to our readers.

In the business world, new beginnings are formalized by contracts. Writers have contracts with publishers, illustrators, promoters, and others. But the most important contract is an assumed one and it’s not legally binding. That contract is with our readers.

Through our book title and cover, as well as the listed genre and blurb, we make a promise to our readers. If we’re faithful to this promise, they know what to expect with just a glimpse.

I’ve a quick example. Here’s an assortment of books from the Story Empire library. Just looking at the covers and reading the titles, don’t we have a sense of the content of the books?


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