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Writers – Why Forgiving Ourselves is so Important #AmWriting

Writers, I believe forgiving ourselves is the secret to moving forward with our creative lives and ultimately achieving success.

Earlier this year after a lengthy and painful period of Writer’s Block I found my way back to writing.

Do you know what finally did it for me?

Do you know what it was that made me wake up one morning and reach for my dust clad laptop?

Forgiving myself for writing a story the wrong way. Yes I simply said to myself;

Lucy, let’s put aside the fact that you wrote a book the wrong way SIX times, that’s just low level detail. You need to forgive yourself and move on.

For goodness sake, you wrote your debut novel: Instructions For Falling In Love Again, the wrong way twelve times but no one is counting. Well we are – lol! Let the six versions go eh?

Also whilst you are…

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