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7 Tips to Using Giant Monsters in Your Story

Legends of Windemere

Rampage the Movie!

You think it’s easy to add a giant to your story?  Just slap it down, make it declare a rhyming threat, and then call it a day?  Well, that could work to some extent, but let’s try to be a little more creative here.  After all, this monster is more than a character.  It’s practically a setting once the action starts.  So, what are some ways to make it work when you only have words?

  1. Keep describing the destruction!  Every move should come with something.  Steps need to shake the earth and crush whatever is in the way.  Buildings should topple.  Flying giants can create winds that tear trees out of the ground.  These are beings that cannot enter a city or forest without smashing their surroundings.  They don’t typically tiptoe around trees and buildings.  Well, some might if it’s for a comedy.
  2. Adjectives are your friend…

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