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The Importance of Self-Care For Writers #AmWriting

Our writing lives are at times joyful and heavenly, but they are also fraught with creative emotional pain and suffering. We go through continual phases of hating and loving our writing, dealing with writer jealousy, working through rejection, failure, chasing that fast moving and unobtainable object called a writing dream {enter your dream} and on certain days feeling a million years away from it.

Our poor little creative hearts go through so much; they’re either swelling with pride after a literary achievement, splintering after a nasty rejection or being glued back together as we write something new.

As well as this they are like sponges with all the emotion which goes with writing. Every bit of joy, happiness, shock, pain, sting and hurt which comes from writing is soaked up by your little creative heart.

Your writer brain also sometimes needs a rest. There are days when it feels like…

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Ways honest feedback impacts and improves your writing

Uninspired Writers

Seeking feedback on your writing is a daunting process. As writers we are prone to doubt and a fear of rejection, so trusting someone with your words is a huge step. But it is a vital one, because it gives you scope to improve your writing, make decisions for your story, and find out what works and what doesn’t. Here’s how:

Ideas for early stage changes
It can be so vital to get advice in those early stages of your plot. Someone on the outside can look at your story from a fresh perspective and let you know if the way you’re telling it works. Perhaps your point of view character(s) haven’t got a strong enough voice, or the start is too slow. Maybe the pacing is off, and there is too much inessential detail. Knowing this early can help you make vital changes before you’re too far in, and…

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