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Making Magic Systems That Work and Wow – By Bethany Henry…

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on Fiction University:

here’s something magical about making magic, and it’s often a fantasy writer’s favorite part of writing in that genre. 


Magic systems are an integral part of any fantasy world yet they are not all created equal! Today we’re looking at what makes a strong magic system and four steps for creating our own.

To start with:

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Five Ways to Know You Are Doing Good Work on Each Writing Session

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Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Hi SEers. John with you again today. It is no secret that most of us work in a solitary state when we are working on a story. It is great to have feedback on what we have written. Sadly, it is not always practical to get third-party opinions on all the directions or nuances pursued in your writing. We cannot run to a critic group or beta reader after each writing session. The importance of each session is that together they make up the whole of the work in progress. So, if sessions are going badly, the sum of the sessions will reflect the trouble. Today, I would like to offer a checklist that will give an idea of the quality of the work.

These points won’t take the place of beta readers or critical input. It is more to give the writer a…

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