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How to Write a Children’s Book (10 Stress-Free Steps) – by Marcy Pusey…

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on Self Publishing:

If you’re wondering how to write a children’s book that readers will love, you’re not alone. One of the questions I get most from children’s writers is: “How do I know if my book is good?”

You can be given all of the logistical steps, from A to Z, on how to publish a children’s book, but it doesn’t mean your final product is high quality.

Maybe you follow the steps: write a story that’s 700 words or less, get it to fit on 28 pages, have a child-hero, decent illustrations, and you finally hit publish.

Then crickets.

Crickets, in this case, can represent two major problems:

  1. You didn’t have a strong launch or market your book well.
  2. It’s just not that great of a book.

So how can you be sure that your book is the kind that readers will love?  

In this article, we’ll…

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