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WARNING to WRITERS: You Won’t See This New Publishing Scam Coming – by Anne R. Allen…

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Yes, I’ve already written a warning to writers about publishing scams this month. But I heard about a new, diabolical one only a few days ago. This can affect both traditionally published and indie authors. And everybody needs to help spread the word.

That’s because the author won’t know it’s happening. Readers need to alert them before it’s too late.

I first discovered this scam through the blog of New Zealand author Maureen Crisp. It’s worth subscribing to her blog, Craic-er. She has all the latest publishing news from around the world.

This scam can affect any author who uses Facebook. If you’re not on Facebook, you’re safe from this one. (But read on. I have another warning to writers of a scam that targets all authors.)

For those of us who have “Author page” on Facebook, these scammers can be deadly.

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Medieval Scribes Discouraged Theft of Manuscripts by Adding Curses Threatening Death & Damnation to Their Pages – on Open Culture site…

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I’ve concluded that one shouldn’t lend a book unless one is prepared to part with it for good. But most books are fairly easy to replace. Not so in the Middle Ages, when every manuscript counted as one of a kind. Theft was often on the minds of the scribes who copied and illustrated books, a laborious task requiring literal hours of blood, sweat and tears each day.

Scribal copying took place “only by natural light — candles were too big a risk to the books,” Sarah Laskow writes at Atlas Obscura. Bent over double, scribes could not let their attention wander. The art, one scribe complained, “extinguishes the light from the eyes, it bends the back, it crushes the viscera and the ribs, it brings forth pain to the kidneys, and weariness to the whole body.”

The results deserved high security, and Medieval monks “did not hesitate to…

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Things To Consider When Writing The Fake Romance Trope #AmWritingRomance

Due to the success of my post about the things to consider when writing second chance romance I thought i would cover a new trope today – fake romance.

As a romance book blogger I LOVE reading this trope. I love how the fake relationship starts out of convenience; pretending to be together for a social commitment, pretending to be in love for a competition or needing to show the world that a secret love interest does exist, but soon the fake relationship starts to change into somethinge else. I get so excited when the chemistry between the characters gets to work and things get awkward. There’s so much potential for good comedy and hilarity.

Most of the time fake romance stories focus on reputation or pride.

Here are the things I think we need to consider when writing this wonderful trope.

  • Both characters need to be unlikely candidates for…

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