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Writer’s Block: Is It Laziness or a Critical Part of Being a Longtime Author? – By Kristen Lamb…

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Writer’s block is a very controversial subject in the publishing world. Everyone has an opinion and everyone is right. Okay, maybe not everyone. I am right…and also NUMBER ONE AT HUMBLE!

*gets cramp patting self on back*

I believe that, when it comes to discussing writer’s block, there is a real danger of oversimplifying a truly complex phenomenon. Many claim there is no such thing as writer’s block. Just sit down and write and stop making excuses for being lazy. While laziness might be an answer (as we’ll explore) this One-Size-Fits-All solution is low-hanging fruit. Sort of like going to the doctor where the standard answer for everything is to “lose weight.”

Me: I’m tired all the time.

Doctor: Lose weight.

Me: My knee really hurts. I think I might have arthritis.

Doctor: Lose weight.

Me: *blood spurting from missing arm* I uh, think I need emergency surgery.

Doctor: Nah…

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Editing Out Your Writing Gremlins

Originally posted on K.M. Allan: Just as every writer has a way to come up with ideas and put them on the page, there are writing gremlins that pop up with every draft they complete. Sometimes you recognize these gremlins on your own, or sometimes it has to be pointed out to you. This…

Editing Out Your Writing Gremlins