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How To Survive Being in a Relationship With a Writer #Writers

It’s not easy being in relationship with a writer. We are strange creatures.

Here are some useful tips on how to survive being in a relationship with a writer:

  1. Accept the fact that you will spend a lot of your time together talking about people, events and locations that don’t actually exist.
  2. When your writer wakes you in the small hours with an amazing new idea for their next story you need to wake up, switch on the light and let them talk it through. Moaning about what time it is, how tired you are and what you have on at work is not going to help your writer. This is a big moment for them, it’s the birth of something wonderful. Your support is needed 24-7.
  3. Your relationship and their ‘writing ‘ups and downs’ will become interlinked. When their writing is going well you can expect good times, kisses…

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