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Character Types: The Know it All

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Hey SE Readers. Joan with you today. This is the third in a series of posts about character types. The ideas are from my personal observations or public knowledge of well-known people. The other posts are The Attention Seeker and The “I Can Top That” Person.

“Jack of all trades.” You may have heard this phrase as a compliment to someone who is skilled in several things. An everyday handyman fits the bill. He might know a bit about plumbing, how to frame a house, or do minor electrical work.

But consider the full quote. “Jack of all trades, master at none.” That doesn’t sound complimentary, does it?

Today’s post deals with the “know it all.” Consider a person who has spent years in college, jumping from major to major without getting a degree. They may have a lot of knowledge but aren’t masterful at anything.

I once worked…

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