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#Writers 8 Steps to Side Characters #BookReview @sacha_black

This book, 8 Steps to Side Characters by Sacha Black is launching TODAY and it is a writing game changer.

I can liken the experience of reading this book to Sacha Black shining a monster sized torch on all the side characters I have ever created, arching her perfectly sculptured eyebrows at me, clicking her Laboutin heels under the table and whispering, ‘WTF is going on here with this lot – Mitchell?’

She then grabs my side characters by the scruff of their necks, hauls them out into the light, teaches them (and me) about their purpose in a story, gives them some much needed conflict, sharpens their blurry edges and tells me to stop letting them loiter in the dark corners of my stories.

Here’s that all important blurb?

Do your characters fail to bring your story to life? Are they flat, boring or have no depth? Is your…

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