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Conquer Your Monsters #WIPs

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Hi, SEers! You’re with Mae today.

Remember when you were a kid, afraid of monsters? They exist in writing, too. Bet you didn’t expect that, but take it from me—your resident cryptid, monster lover—not all strange creatures are bad. Let’s remember that Mary Shelly’s creation—Frankenstein’s monster—was actually a sensitive, articulate soul. He started out as something hideous, cadaver parts stitched together and an appearance that made others react with revulsion and terror.

Monsters aren’t always what they seem. Today, I’d like to know if you have a monster in your backlog of stories. One that haunts you and won’t leave you alone. A story that has been cobbled together of plot threads over the years.

spooky monster hovering in background on foggy night, silhouette of man in foreground

The “haunting” usually begins as a solid idea. The story has a start, a middle, and a solid finish. For a while it even seems exceptional, but with the passage of time, the concept erodes…

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