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Where Do Our Stories Come From? #amwriting

Have you everbeen asked where your stories come from?

I was asked the other day where my stories originate from and my mind quickly came up with a rough list; bizarre thoughts (fuelled by too much sugar and caffeine), hormonal fluctuations (useful when writing romance), years of daydreaming at school and college and unexplainable lightbulb moments, which don’t happen that often, but have a habit of appearing in a supermarket in the frozen food aisle (results in a strange dance around my trolley).

The person who asked me the question cast me a puzzled look. I think he was expecting something mind boggling or scientific from me. *Wrong person for that*

Later I started thinking some more about the sources for ideas. I went through all my old notebooks to see whether I could come up with something more intelligent than my sugar addiction, where I am at in…

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