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Unusual Writing Activities That Will Boost Your Creativity – by Melissa Donovan…

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on Writing Forward:

Writing usually involves sitting in a chair and hammering away at a keyboard. It can get repetitive and mundane.

I have often found that when I need a boost of creativity, removing myself from my normal writing environment is a good way to get ideas flowing.

If you’re feeling stuck, try positioning your body differently. Get off that chair, step away from your desk, and try standing at a counter or sitting on the floor in front of a coffee table. Put yourself in a different environment—take your journal outside or carry your whiteboard to the garage to do some brainstorming. Lie on your stomach in the grass and scratch words, carve them, or paint them, and let the stimuli of your surroundings and the tools in your hands guide your creativity in a new direction.

Below, you’ll find some activities that are designed to stimulate your…

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